White Jesus? Black Jesus? What About Japanese Jesus?

Two weeks ago, I was walking around the inside of Nantes Cathedral in France, admiring as I always do the magnificent architecture, from the towering pillars to the grandiose shrines to the intricate detailing, every curve and edge gently and deftly carved by the hands of craftsmen hundreds of years ago (one can only imagine… Continue reading White Jesus? Black Jesus? What About Japanese Jesus?


The Coin: An Incomplete Novel by 10-Year-Old Me

You know what they say about prodigies, don't you? ... They, erm, start real young. All that to say, I unearthed a small notebook with the beginnings of a novel I never completed. I must have been no older than 10 years old. (This I deduced by also unearthing a diary I'd written when I… Continue reading The Coin: An Incomplete Novel by 10-Year-Old Me

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

I almost never get angry. I’m relatively patient, tolerant and forgiving. Yes, I am an emotional person, but it’s more in mirth or travail, characterised either by joy-infused laughter or all-things-breaking-apart wails. Anger is something quite foreign, comprising an infinitesimal range on my spectrum of tendentious emotions (somewhere between 1–5%). I almost never get angry.… Continue reading You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

A Penchant for Flying (10 Flight Tips)

Back in Japan! For slightly less than a month, mainly to apply for a new visa (and secondarily, though not any less importantly, to see friends and family and to rest and recuperate), before heading back to Durham to begin my church's internship programme (or more accurately, to join in part way with the rest… Continue reading A Penchant for Flying (10 Flight Tips)