Don’t Rush. Jesus Didn’t.

I'm currently sitting in bed, feeling rather poorly. It's immensely frustrating. I should be out and about. I should be throwing myself into my intern placements. I should be organising and planning for this week's coming events, liaising with people. I should be preparing for an exciting new monthly worship session Chris J. and I… Continue reading Don’t Rush. Jesus Didn’t.


Age-Mates: Moses, Joseph & Hezekiah I chuckled when I saw this tweet. Obviously, tongue-in-cheek; relatable, nonetheless. Yes, contextualisation is important when reading the Bible, but thankfully God also speaks to us in far more creative and wide-ranging ways through His Word. There have been multiple times when the Lord has spoken clearly and directly to me through the very… Continue reading Age-Mates: Moses, Joseph & Hezekiah