Don’t Rush. Jesus Didn’t.

I'm currently sitting in bed, feeling rather poorly. It's immensely frustrating. I should be out and about. I should be throwing myself into my intern placements. I should be organising and planning for this week's coming events, liaising with people. I should be preparing for an exciting new monthly worship session Chris J. and I… Continue reading Don’t Rush. Jesus Didn’t.


Age-Mates: Moses, Joseph & Hezekiah I chuckled when I saw this tweet. Obviously, tongue-in-cheek; relatable, nonetheless. Yes, contextualisation is important when reading the Bible, but thankfully God also speaks to us in far more creative and wide-ranging ways through His Word. There have been multiple times when the Lord has spoken clearly and directly to me through the very… Continue reading Age-Mates: Moses, Joseph & Hezekiah

A Penchant for Flying (10 Flight Tips)

Back in Japan! For slightly less than a month, mainly to apply for a new visa (and secondarily, though not any less importantly, to see friends and family and to rest and recuperate), before heading back to Durham to begin my church's internship programme (or more accurately, to join in part way with the rest… Continue reading A Penchant for Flying (10 Flight Tips)

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side…?

Yesterday, I was browsing YouTube for videos to watch whilst eating lunch and ended up watching a Japanese variety TV show hosted by famous comedians Downtown. It'd been ages since I'd watched Japanese variety and it only took a few minutes to make me realise how much I missed it. Japanese comedy is highly idiosyncratic… Continue reading The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side…?